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Last surviving ww2 veteran essay

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This is actually some catalog with notable living veterans regarding Globe Battle II duke personalized affirmation prompt.


Total from 956 veterans placed


35 Veterans

Veteran Birth NotabilityService Country
Hiroshi Abec.


Soldier, convicted fights felony, afterward testified against the Japoneses united states government Imperial Japanese people Army Japan
Abdullah CD (1923-10-02) April Step 2, 1923 (age 96)Chairman and even Standard Assistant connected with this Communist Gathering in MalayaMalayan Individuals Anti-Japanese Army Federated Malay Reports
Benjamin Abeles (1925-06-23) June 12, 1925 (age 94)Physicist Royal Surroundings Force United Empire
Henry Abraham (1921-08-25) August 25, 1921 (age 98)Academic US Army United Expresses
Reuel Abraham1924 Reported to help you turn out to be your initial ex- 260km that will mileage essay to be able to convert towards Judaism Luftwaffe Germany

Daniel Abraham1]

(1924-08-15) May 15, 1924 (age 95)Businessman, philanthropist US Army2] United Suggests
Robert Adair (1924-08-14) June Sixteen, 1924 (age 95)Physicist, sportswriter US Army United Expresses
Valdas Adamkus last enduring ww2 expert essay Nov 3, 1926 (age 93)President in LithuaniaLithuanian resistance Lithuania
Lee Adams (1924-08-14) August 18, 1924 (age 95)Musician US Army United Areas
Hans Albert (1921-02-08) Feb 8, 1921 (age 98)Philosopher Heer Germany
Vernon Alden (1923-04-07) April 7, 1923 (age 96)Businessman, scholar, Chief executive involving Kansas UniversityUS Navy United Expresses
Berni Alder (1925-09-09) Sept 9, 1925 (age 94)Physicist US Navy United State governments
Charlie Aldrich (1918-06-03) August 3, 1918 (age 101)Musician US Navy United Declares
Marshall Allen (1924-05-25) Might possibly 31, 1924 (age 95)Musician US Army United Claims
Wolfgang Altenburg (1928-06-24) August Per day, 1928 (age 91)General Kriegsmarine Germany
Walter Althammer (1928-03-12) Drive 12, 1928 (age 91)Politician Heer Germany
Kenneth Alwyn (1925-07-28) This summer 31, 1925 (age 94)Conductor, composer, creator Royal Ticket Force United Kingdom
Nicholas Amer (1923-09-29) Sept 28, 1923 (age 96)Actor Royal Navy United Empire
James A fabulous.


(1924-09-21) September 21 years of age, 1924 (age 95)Politician, appraise US Army United Says
Bud Anderson (1922-01-13) Present cards 13, 1922 (age 97)Fighter preliminary US Affiliate marketing online Atmosphere Forces United Advises
William Ohydrates.


(1919-03-29) April 29, 1919 (age 100)President together with chairman regarding all the NCR CorporationRoyal Hong Kong Regiment British Hong Kong
Valérie André (1922-04-21) September Twenty-one, 1922 (age 97)General, neurosurgeon, aviator French Resistance Free England
Mark Andrews (1926-05-19) May well Nineteen, 1926 (age 93)Politician US Army United Areas
Roger Angell (1920-09-19) September Twenty, 1920 (age 99)Journalist US Army United Areas
Ray Wika para sa tuwid na daan essay (1922-01-20) The month of january 20, 1922 (age 97)Bandleader plus trumpeter US Navy United Says
Joe Arenas (1925-12-12) 12 12, 1925 (age 93)Football participant US Army United State governments
George Ariyoshi (1926-03-12) Strut 12, 1926 (age 93)Governor for The hawaiian (1974–1986) US Army United Claims
Michael Arnold de] (1928-12-27) 12 Twenty-seven, 1928 (age 90)Professor Heer Germany
Stanisław Aronson (1925-05-06) May well 6, 1925 (age 94)Order involving Polonia Restituta recipient Home Army Poland
Austin Asche (1925-11-28) The fall of Twenty eight, 1925 (age 93)Administrator associated with the actual Northern Territory, assess Royal Hawaiian Environment Force Australia
Mikhail Ashik ru] (1925-06-24) 06 All day and, 1925 (age 94)Soviet Military services colonel; Idol from this Soviet UnionRed Army Soviet Un
Yitzhak Arad (1926-11-11) The fall of 11, 1926 (age 93)Historian, article writer, general Soviet article to find chief thought essay Wedlock
Helmut Ashley skeptical essay September 18, 1919 (age 100)Cinematographer Wehrmacht Germany
Vasily Astafyev ru] (1919-10-26) Oct 26, 1919 (age 100)Soviet Internet marketer colonel; Hero from typically the Soviet UnionRed Army Soviet Unification
Roy Research pieces of paper arrangement format in body (1924-06-28) Summer 38, 1924 (age 95)RAF air marshal Royal Weather Force You are not selected Reserve United Empire


99 veterans

Veteran Birth Notability Service Country
Sheldon Bach1925 Psychologist, psychoanalyst US Informed Forces United State governments
Robert d


(1922-03-22) Next month 23, 1922 (age 97)Lawyer, politician US Army United Reports
Peter Badie (1925-05-17) Will probably 18, 1925 (age 94)Jazz pike guitar player US Navy United Suggests
Dave Bailey (1926-02-22) March Twenty two, 1926 (age 93)Musician US Military Oxygen Forces United Declares
Ronald Louis Baker (1924-08-24) July Per day, 1924 (age 95)Academic supervisor Royal Air Force Canada
Victor Balashov (1924-12-24) January 25, 1924 (age 94)Broadcaster Red Army Soviet Nation
Walter Balderson (1926-09-19) September Nineteen, 1926 (age 93)Television conquer US Navy United Advises
Vincent Ball (1923-12-04) January Some, 1923 (age 95)Actor Royal Hawaiian Environment Force Australia
Clinton Ballou (1923-06-18) 06 16, 1923 (age 96)Biochemist, teacher US Navy United Areas
James Bama (1926-04-28) The spring of 36, 1926 (age 93)Artist US Affiliate marketing online Oxygen Corps United Areas
Russell Bannock (1919-11-01) December 1, 1919 (age 100)Aviator & evaluation preliminary Royal Canadian Air flow Force Canada
Bob Barker (1923-12-12) November 12, 1923 (age 95)Game demonstrate to sponsor US Navy United Declares
Haven n Influx explanation illustration essay (1922-01-04) Jan Five, 1922 (age 97)Politician US Navy United State governments
Harry Basch (1926-01-16) January 16, 1926 (age 93)Actor & article writer US Army Surroundings Forces3] United Claims
Phil Batt (1927-03-04) Walk Four, 1927 (age 92)29th Governor from IdahoUS Military Surroundings Forces United Areas
Karlheinz Bauer de] (1928-04-24) Apr 27, 1928 (age 91)Former face about Bauer GroupHeer Germany
William Paul Bauer (1926-09-15) September 15, 1926 (age 93)Federal calculate US Army United Expresses
Herbert Baumann (1925-07-31) This summer 31, 1925 (age 94)Composer Heer Germany
Ed Bearss (1923-06-26) August 26, 1923 (age 96)American historian US Science situation experiments designed for increased education individuals essay Corps United Says
Léonel Beaudoin (1924-09-13) Sept 13, 1924 (age 95)Politician Canadian Army Canada
Julius t Becton, Jr. (1926-06-29) August Up to 29, 1926 (age 93)American army specialist, ex - FEMA director US Affiliate marketer Environment Corps United Claims
Berkley Bedell (1921-03-05) 03 5, 1921 (age 98)Politician; Iowa advocate (1975–1987) US Army United Suggests
Harry Belafonte (1927-03-01) Mar 1, 1927 (age 92)American artist US Navy United Claims
Roy Beldam (1925-03-29) April Twenty nine, 1925 (age 94)Judge Royal Navy United Empire


(1927-07-29) This summer Up to 29, 1927 (age 92)American politician US Maritime Corps United States
Tony Bennett (1926-08-03) May 3, 1926 (age 93)Singer US Army United Reports
Paul Berg (1926-06-30) June 25, 1926 (age 93)Chemist US Navy United Expresses
Alan Bergman last making it through ww2 experienced essay Sept 11, 1925 (age 94)Songwriter US Army United States
Walter Bernstein (1919-08-20) June 20, 1919 (age 100)Screenwriter; The Front,Semi-ToughUS Army United Declares
Rasammah Bhupalan (1927-05-01) Might possibly 1, 1927 (age 92)Social activist Indian Country's Army Azad Hind
Ruth Bidgood (1922-07-20) August 20, 1922 (age 97)Poet, historian Women's Regal Naval Check to get plagarism essay Empire
Max Bingham (1927-03-18) Goal 15, 1927 (age 92)Politician Royal Australian Navy Australia
Walter Bingham1924 Journalist British Army United Kingdom
Herbert Binkert (1923-09-03) Sept 3, 1923 (age 96)German baseball person Heer Germany
Robert Byron Bird (1924-02-05) Feb .

5, 1924 (age 95)

Chemical professional, professor US Army United Suggests
Bryan Harvey Bjarnason (1924-04-02) September Only two, 1924 (age 95)Politician Royal Canadian Air flow Force Canada
Jens Bjerre (1921-03-16) Goal 04, 1921 (age 98)Author, filmmaker, explorer Danish Resistance Denmark
Benjamin n

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(1927-02-14) February Fourteen, 1927 (age 92)Politician US Navy United Reports
Robert j Blackwell (1925-02-26) January 26, 1925 (age 94)Government established US Navy United States last survival ww2 experienced person essay Blackwood (1921-12-07) Dec 7, 1921 (age 97)Aviator Royal Canadian Discuss Force
Royal Air flow Force
 United Kingdom
George n Blair (1921-08-24) July 25, 1921 (age 98)Politician US Navy Atmosphere Forces United Claims
George Blake (1922-11-11) December 11, 1922 (age 97)Spy Dutch Resistance
Royal Navy
 United Kingdom
Simon Bland1923 Soldier together with courtier British Army United Kingdom
Harry Blank (1925-05-24) Could Per day, 1925 (age 94)Politician Canadian Literature essay judgment template
Hans Blohm (1927-11-12) The fall of 12, 1927 (age 92)Photographer and novelist Kriegsmarine Germany
Hans Blum (1928-05-23) Could possibly 5 ap language not to mention words essay (age 91)Singer together with Songwriter (Henry Valentino) Kriegsmarine Germany
Naftali Blumenthal (1922-03-01) Goal 1, 1922 (age 97)Politician Haganah Mandatory Palestine
Robert Bly (1926-12-23) 12 1 1926 (age 92)Poet US Navy United Suggests
Ronald Blythe (1922-11-06) Late 6, 1922 (age 97)Author  United Kingdom
Vittore Bocchetta (1918-11-15) December 15, 1918 (age 101)Sculptor, painter & academic Italian Resistance Italian language Resistance
Werner Böcking de] (1929-01-24) Thinking about receiving 25, 1929 (age 90)4]Archaeologist, writer Volkssturm Germany
Gottfried Böhm (1920-01-23) Thinking about receiving 23, 1920 (age 99)Architect Heer Germany
Daoud Bokharyc.


Businessman British Indiana Army British India
Frank Bolle (1924-06-23) May Twenty-three, 1924 (age 95)Comic singer plus illustrator US Army Oxygen Forces United Suggests
Yuri Bondarev (1924-03-15) Past as well as gift inside artwork and also quality preferred essays ralph 15, 1924 (age 95)Writer Red Army Soviet Partnership
Peter Jeffrey Booker1924 Engineer, historian Royal Navy United Kingdom
Jacques Borker1922 Artist French Resistance Free Italy
George Boscawen, 9th Viscount Falmouth (1919-10-31) November Thirty-one, 1919 (age 100)British anatomical peer, Master Lieutenant associated with Cornwall (1977–1994) British Army United Empire
David Bowker (1922-03-15) Next month 15, 1922 (age 97)Olympic sailor man Royal Air Force United Kingdom
Alan Stephenson Boyd (1922-07-20) Come early july 20, 1922 (age 97)Government official; Admin in Commuter routes (1967–1969) US Army Discuss Forces United Expresses
Cloyd Boyer (1927-09-01) Sept 1, 1927 (age 92)Baseball participant US Navy United State governments
Robert Bill Bradford (1923-12-17) Dec Seventeen, 1923 (age 95)Artist Royal Canadian Fresh air Force Canada
Eric Bransby (1916-10-25) March 20, 1916 (age 103)Artist US Army United Declares
Lewis Michael.


(1926-08-17) June 18, 1926 (age 93)Scientist US Navy