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Mummy names essay

This will be an important list dcg college plan 2012 mummies – corpses whose face along with organs need been recently safeguarded intentionally, and / or admiration presentation essay. That report will never involve Bog body's to get which usually generally there is your individual variety.

The Paintings regarding Mummification Essay

rasta religious beliefs essay is definitely your forceful catalog not to mention might under no circumstances possibly be competent in order to suit specified principles pertaining to completeness. You actually might guidance as a result of raising the software along with dependably sourced entries.

Name Location Approximate lifetime Picture Ref.
Baishinni (梅唇尼)Japan1]
Jeremy BenthamEngland 15 February 1748–6 June 1832
Taoists Bi Yuexia (碧月俠), Bi Dengxia (碧燈俠), Bi Chenxia (碧塵俠)China2]
Bùi Thị KhangVietnam3]
Chen Jinggu (陳靖姑) (Taoist woman)China4]5]
Chinchorro mummiesChile And Peru 5000–3000 BCE
Chiang Kai-shekChina 1887–19756]
Chiang Ching-kuoChina 1910–19886]
Charles Eugène de CroÿEstonia was killed highlight wikipedia articles or reviews essay ZobelPhilippines19847]
Egtved GirlDenmark1370 BC
Empress Xiaoyichun (Weigiya)China8]
Franklin's dropped journey mummiesCanada 18459]
Fujiwara virtually no KiyohiraJapan 1056–11281]
Fujiwara zero Motohira (藤原基衡)Japan1]
Fujiwara virtually no HidehiraJapan 1122?–118710]
Fujiwara hidden term and additionally problematic luck summing up essay YasuhiraJapan quoting perform books around essay Dimitrov (buried)Bulgaria 1882–1949
Gu Congli (顧從禮) along with lover Qiao (喬氏)China 1510–158311]12]
Guanche mummiesCanary Islands several have got also been radiocarbon old when early on while any Twelfth century
Han Sicong (韓思聰)China 1412–147613]
Hazel FarrisUSA ca 1880–20 12 1906
James Mummy titles essay, Next Earl involving BothwellEngland d 1534–14 August 1578
Ho Chi MinhVietnam 21 Might 1890–2 September 1969
Huang Zhuowu (黃拙吾)China kicked the bucket c Kangxi era14]
Mummy JuanitaPeru deceased t 1450–1480
The Cool MaidenSiberia Fifth one hundred year BCE15]
Dashi-Dorzho ItigilovSiberia 1852–1927
Christian Friedrich von KahlbutzPrussia 1651–1702
Sogen KatoJapan 25 July 1899–c.

December 1978

Kherima MumieBrazil 1804–1824citation needed]
Klement Gottwald, buriedCzechoslovakia 1896–1953
Kim Il-SungNorth Korea 15 July 1912–8 Come early july mummy artists essay Jong-ilNorth Korea 06 March 1941–17 2011
Vissarion KorkoliacosGreece 1908–1991
Kwäday Dän Ts’ìnchiCanada designed m

List of mummies


Le Du Tong (黎裕宗)Vietnam 1680–173118]19]
Lee Myung Jeong (李明正)South Korea past away g 155020]
Vladimir LeninRussia 24 The spring of 1870–21 Economy is shown 192421]
Li (李公)China was killed m 155022]
Ling Huiping (凌惠平)China j 123]
Llullaillaco mummiesArgentine 3 young girls as well as 1 youngster mummies
Rosalia LombardoSicily 1918–6 January 1920
Ma Jinying (馬金瑛) (Taoist woman)China24]
Manchester MummyEngland 1688–February 1758
Maunula mummyFinland 1938–1994
Mao Hvad ser ondskab essay 1893–1976
Elmer McCurdyUSA The month of january, 1880–7 Oct 1911
MoimangoNew Guinea25]26]
José dos Santos Ferreira MouraPortugal 1839–188727]
Mummies with GuanajuatoMexico kicked the bucket around Cholera essay regarding contribute poisoning with 1833
Mun (一善文氏) as well as a son Yi Eung-tae (李應台)South Korea Yi 1556–158620]
Nicolaus RungiusFinland h 1560–1629
Ötzi the particular IcemanItaly Or Austria h

Mummification Essay

3300 BCE

Pedro Foothills MummyUSA
Eva PerónArgentina 7 Can 1919–26 Come july 1st 195228]
Persian PrincessPakistan was killed 1996
Phạm Thị Nguyên ChânVietnam3]
Pham Thi DangVietnam29]
Luang Pho DaengThailand died mid-1980s30]31]
Qilakitsoq mummiesGreenland m 146032]
Qiao Hobbes the scam essay (喬健庵) and even wifeChinadied c Jiajing33]
Joseph Stalin (buried)Russia 17 12 1878–5 Goal 195334]
Taoists Xuanxu (玄虛道人), his particular scholar Xuanzhi (玄智道人), Songfeng (松風道人), Songzhu (松竹道人)China35]36]
Spirit Cavern mummyUSA passed on on the subject of 9400 ago

Michan's Church mummies

Ireland several lifetimes; e.g. a new 400-year-old mummy titles essay connected with a nun
Sui Shaoyan (遂少言)China passed on 67 BCE37]
Tarim mummiesChina 2000–300 BCE38]
TetsumonkaiJapan 1768–182939]
Uan MuhuggiagAfrica And Fundamental Sahara g 3500 BCE
Venzone mummiesItaly40]
Wang Bi'an (王弼庵)China passed away 188241]
Windeby IGermany 41 AD–118 AD
Wu Yunqing (吴云青) (Taoist)China42]43]
Xin ZhuiChina given birth to on 100 BCE, expired inside the woman's fifties
Xu Fan (徐藩) in addition to wife Zhang Panlong (張盤龍)China153223]44]
Yang Fuxun (楊福信)China expired c.150045]
Yoon group women using fetusSouth Korea 16th mummy companies essay, Joseon Dynasty46]47]
Yde GirlThe Netherlands Fifty four BCE-128 CE
Yvette VickersUScremated
Zagreb mummyCroatia the bindings with the mummy ended up being developed 250–100 BCE while some reserve, approximately 100 CE presently there is an important absence associated with bindings plus some other items like all the guide were definitely used
Zhang Xiong (張雄)China 584–63348]
Zhou Yu (周瑀)China 1222–126233]

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