01. 06 Bone Tissue


Guidelines: Build a bone tissue model applying household components (newspapers, card, tape and so forth ). Connect a branded picture or perhaps labeled pulling of your bone fragments doing a typical function. Ingredients label the bone diagram. Finally, answer the final outcome questions with complete content.

Note: In case you are unable to develop a bone style, you may enjoy this online video instead. You should complete this assignment Just like you had performed what was shown in the video—so pay consideration.

Bone Style

Labeled picture or marked drawing of your bone carrying out a typical function (such because bearing weight):

Watched Video.

Bone Diagram

Label the diagram beneath (Hint: Find lesson webpage 3. )


1 . What components of genuine bone muscle did you include in your model? (Hint: See lesson pages 3-4. ) In the video It included the spongy, small bone, bone fragments marrow and periosteum. The bone marrow was the newspaper on the inside from the beginning. Then was the spongy bone fragments that was your second coating of newspaper/tape. Then was your compact bone tissue, which was a mixture of newspaper and wire. Then last was your Periosteum that was made from the mp3 to appear like it.

installment payments on your What aspects of real bone tissue performed you have trouble including inside your model? How come? They had trouble including the pathways on the inside. The canals much harder to do because they are small specific canals that will have to be cautiously placed.

several. What are the roles of osteocytes, osteoblasts, and osteoclasts in cuboid repair? (Hint: See the Bone Cell Graph and or chart on lessons page several. ) Osteocytes – Mature bone cell that holds the bone fragments matrix.

Osteoblasts – The cell that forms the bone.

Osteoclasts – Large bone cellular that absorbs and fights the bone tissue matrix.

5. If you had to redesign your model, what would you perform differently?

Easily had to redesign the version I would place more of a durable structure on the inside, like maybe a small bit of wood to offer it even more support. That way it could...


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