A Formalist Approach to a Satire

ENG 125 Introduction to Literature

A Formalist Method to a Satire

Analyzing and analyzing a literary work can often be thought to be a similar practice with the same outcome. However , evaluating a work and analyzing a piece is very distinct. In " The Secret Existence of Walter Mitty”, it could be acceptable to judge the work as being 'good', although analyzing it might render that a work of art. This daily news will both assess and then evaluate this brief story making use of the Formalist Procedure, revealing both my perception within the work, plus the reasons why this short account is as wealthy as it is today as a still-relevant satire for the human condition. The short story captured my focus and approval at the initial reading since it was privately relevant to me. The short story's main character was identifiable and, honestly, very much like myself. I am able to sympathize with a day-dreamer because I share that very same affliction and find that we am generally forced to recovery into truth at the nagging of a good friend or family member. Often I have found myself longing to behold being a pilot when driving a vehicle because this the actual mundane and unsatisfactory life that Walter Mitty and i also share to be rather significant. Another aspect that I could identify with, on a deeper level, was the real satirical nature of the brief story. The written text relates that " Thurber treats Mitty's actions humorously, but recognize how the laughter calls the attention to the advantages of communication in human relationships. ” (Clugston, 2010). I locate this in person applicable since I am often faced with people who show me that I ought to work on my personal communication expertise. I realize that the fantasy worlds constructed in day-dreams often replace the advantages of human connection, because these fantasies are better and under the complete control. Psychologically, this could infer that both Walter Mitty and myself happen to be in a...


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