Stylistic Analysis of the Text


By C. Nairne

Nairne Campbell is a Scottish novelist, mcdougal of two books " One Stair Up" (1932) and " Stony Ground" (1934), who also wrote about Scottish operating class households in a practical manner. The extract through the book " One Step Up” simply by C. Nairne depicts the man and girl who went to a theatre and had diverse views on the film that they had seen due to their diverse perception. There is also a description from the cinema-world being a pastime in the people coming from working category. The structure falls in three parts: the way to Rosa and Andrew's costume circle like a plot, the regular expression of the audience about the film and a comic performance like a sequence of events and the characters' short discussion of the show like a dénouement. The type of presentation is definitely author's narrative. Narrative right is the story compositional contact form. The terminology consists of the neutral words, some colloquials due to the listenings (e. g.: swell youngster, chap, buck, hot products, cackling, 'cos, gee, big picture), vernacular word 6, barbarisms such as corridor, shape, also bookish words including emerged, looked, admitted, glared, acquaintances, voluptuous, contemptuous, etc . There are many mixture words tea-spoon, bull's-eye, outfit. circle, background, pot-plants, rapid-fire, heart-searing, heart-throbs, thrill-thirsty, heart-string, water-butt, mix-up, hard-worked. Publisher also uses some word-combinations and phrases kitchen sink into stillness, be unaccustomed to smth, to be too funny pertaining to words, to be cut short, moved simply by pity, to set up with that are direct and indirect in meaning to make the vocabulary even more impressive. There are short, one-member and disrupted sentences (" This a comedy? ” " When you don't love it —" ) usually employed in dialogues to underline the colloquial figure. Onomatopoeia – cackling, whirring, murmur; mounting – you couldn't discover anybody more, and they could not see you; duplication – extended and...


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