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Case Study

Ford Motor Business: Supply Chain Strategy


Teri Takai, Director of Supply Cycle Systems, continues to be asked what sounds like a narrow query by the business most senior executives: How should Ford use Internet technologies to enhance the way this interacts with suppliers? Students quickly realize, however , that the query requires wide-ranging discussion and is also surprisingly hard. To answer that, Ford must think about relationships not only with suppliers yet also with dealers and clients. As Source Chain Devices staff members research the Dell model especially, they come to appreciate that " virtual integration” must include design of satisfaction, forecasting, purchasing, and various other capabilities that got long been regarded as separately inside the Ford hierarchy. The question is actually explosive in its implications, as it inevitably leads to fundamental concerns about just how Ford has historically controlled internally and how it has interacted with crucial partner constituencies (including dealers). Takai's personnel is divided on the actual recommendations needs to be. Members of just one group are enthusiastic about the probabilities and believe the only ideal way to answer the question is to consider, evaluate and suggest radical changes to Ford's general business model; this group considers Dell a critical model for Ford's business. Another group is more mindful and believes that the primary differences among Dell's industry and Ford's industry need significant variations in business types. Takai must consider the inputs of her staff (provided as case exhibits) and decide what to advise to her older managers, such as the CEO, that has taken a particular interest. Learners are asked to consider Takai's choices and advise a way for her (and Ford) to move frontward. Background Studying

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