In Harper Lee's autobiographical narrative, To Kill a Mockingbird, personas like Atticus, Dolphus Raymond, and Ben Robinson display many types of courageous behavior; in contrast, characters like Bob Ewell demonstrate cowardice. By these heroes, Harper Lee's audience understands that there are a large number of characters in this book which can be brave.

Atticus illustrates bravery if it is true to himself and being a great position model pertaining to his youngsters. On page 99, Atticus explains to Scout, " Of course I do. Don't declare nigger Search. That's common. ” In what Atticus says, the reader may presume that Atticus failed to care about what other people contemplated him. This individual isn't a racist unlike all of those other citizens in Maycomb State. Atticus is similar to this for one reason; it's certainly not fair and Atticus' obligation as a legal professional and it's only the way he's. Atticus lives a life of sincerity and with morales. He can brave enough to face others and will not let them influence him wonderful values. Atticus also says to Look, " Search, I could hardly go to house of worship and worship God merely didn't try to help that man. ” (pg. 139) Atticus stays on true to him self and won't let other's beliefs affect his own beliefs. He helps Scout understand that everybody should be cured equally.

Another character in the novel that demonstrated bravery was Dolphus Raymond. He was brave because he let everyone know that this individual loves a great African American in order to wasn't proper in other individuals eyes. He says, " They could under no circumstances, never understand that I live like I actually do because option way I wish to live. ” (pg. 268) The reason why this individual lives that way is because he prefers African Americans. Dolphus Raymond also has merged children with his wife. One more why he can brave is because he has a different mentality speaking as being a white gentleman; he believes that white people offer hell to black persons and that it truly is wrong.

Tom Robinson was a character who also demonstrated bravery. Atticus says, " Courage is as you know if you're licked before you...


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