TOPIC: ‘A person's feeling of individual identity is actually changing reacting to their encounters of life” Discuss. (500 – you, 200 words).

Everyone has their particular individual identification, but not everyone accepts whom they genuinely are. A large number of feel the desire to change who they actually are to fit society's expectations; to feel included, to be included. I, me am a victim of such conformity. Abandoning my personal culture, my beliefs to foolishly run after " that someone” i know will never be me. Thus today, My spouse and i shall serve my deepest thoughts and regrets on to this cheap sheet of paper and hopefully this will likely inspire future individuals to end up being proud of who they are and steer clear of the trap of conformity.

By one level of my entire life, I was brainwashed by others perceptions of me. Removing my id in which my loved ones had formed to form a fresh identity which fulfilled the requirements of " society's expectations”. Living and enduring these years can easily become said since the hardest several years my life; staying who My spouse and i desire to be with my authentic self lingering in my shadows, hidden in the public's eyes. Solitude became my best friend. My one and only liberty, a time where I can become myself; tranquillity. Who understood opinions of strangers got such a big impact on me personally? So large that it experienced the power to conform who have I was. To decline and reject the acceptance of my true self. The whispers and murmurs of teenagers in schoolyard is the start of the deterioration of my id.

Betrayal of family and friends to follow along with the masses of humanities acceptance. Since my university years commenced, I thought it was the termination of my personal false produced me. Yet I thought incorrect. Things worsened from then on, the media provided me an illusion of how I should always be. I wandered the roadways everyday assuming I was never good enough. Crossing billboards of thin versions with appears of perfections and turning my head not just in be teased and taunged by one other image of flawlessness. Unable to break free these so-called " aspiring” images that...


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