Cultural competence is described as possessing the skill sets and know-how necessary to value, respect, and work with persons from several cultures. It is just a concept that will require self-awareness, understanding and knowledge of cultural variations, and the ability to adapt to scientific skills and practices since needed. For example, before my grandmother got passed, my family wanted to start a traditional prayer ceremony on her behalf in the clinic. It is in which we have a monk inside the same room, doing the a Buddhist Prayer pertaining to peace. Without a doubt, with the help of the staff members onto her floor, the nurses recognized why my children request a monk to carry out a Buddhist Plea and to have our entire family attends the plea. In fact , the nurses might only allow two people to determine my grandmother at a time, but in this case, the nurses in order to have my whole along with the monk to be with the grandmother. Of course , without the accompanied by a Josepha Campinha-Bacote theory, Buddhist Prayer inside the hospital may not have been allowed. According to the document, " The Process of Cultural Skills in the Delivery of Healthcare Services: An auto dvd unit of Attention, ” Josepha Campinha-Bacote mentioned a model that " requires health care providers to view themselves getting culturally proficient rather than currently being culturally competent. This process involves the mixing of social awareness, ethnic knowledge, ethnic skill, cultural encounters, and cultural desire” ( Josepha Campinha-Bacote, 2010). Moreover, over the article, Campinha mentioned a lot of Assumptions with the Model. There are five presumptions of the model: 1 . Ethnical competence is a process, not an event.

2 . Cultural competence consists of five constructs: ethnic awareness, ethnical knowledge, cultural skill, ethnic encounters, and cultural desire. 3. There is certainly more variant within cultural groups than across cultural groups (intra-ethnic variation). four. There is a direct relationship involving the level of competence of health care...


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