To compare the economies of two different countries, in this instance Australia and Nepal one must look at more than just the amount of money each country has. There are 5 important factors for contrasting; economic progress and standard of living, employment and unemployment rates, distribution of income, environmental sustainability, plus the role in the government. Financial growth may be measured by 3 several figures; low domestic merchandise (GDP) every capita, GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT purchasing electrical power parity (GDPPPP), and true GDP. Nationwide the GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT per capita, GDPPPP, and real GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT respectively are $43, 500 which is 19th in the world, $998. 3 billion which is eighteenth in the world, and 2 . 5 % which is 127th in the world. Nepal's GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT per capita is $1, 500 which can be 205th on the globe, its GDPPPP is $42. 06 billion which is 104 compared to different countries in the world, and Nepal's real GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT is three or more. 6 % ranked as 89th on the globe. These figures prove that even though Nepal is really a lot poorer than Australia, it truly is continuously expanding and its overall economy is growing quicker than Quotes which is best for its creation. Quality of life is definitely measured by life expectancy, adult literacy, education, and social conditions. Nationwide the life expectancy at birth is definitely 82. 07 years with males in 79. 63 years and women at 84. 64 years, coming tenth in the world and adult literacy (age 15 and over that can read and write) is 99 % of the populace with both women and men at 99 %. While in Nepal the life expectations at birth is definitely 67. 19 years with males for 65. 88 years and women at 68. 56 years, coming 165th in the world and adult literacy is 57. 4 % of the populace with 71. 1 % of the man population getting literate and later 46. 7 % in the female population. Over thirty per cent of Nepalese live on lower than US$14 per head per month, the majority of rural people have minimum access to primary health care, education, safe drinking water, sterilization,...


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