Case Study Analysis Framework -

Written Examination is structured in the pursuing parts (developed by J. T. Kowalski) Step 1 :  Introduction

State the complete title of the case study, publisher names, yr published Subject: Contested Place: Parents and Teachers Wrestle for Electricity in an Urban Neighborhood College located Within a Gentrifying Community Authors:  David Mayrowetz, Ruben Price

Year Published:  2005

Describe the case of the case

Thomas Payne Elem. had a lot of concerns including: school protection, racial tensions, controlling board, changing community, teachers have got forgotten their particular primary purpose, principal provides pressure to supply action plan in a very short period of your energy. Problem Context

School is at an destitute neighborhood in inner city Chicago 87% African-American

Teachers are mainly white-colored

Demographics of neighborhood is changing because of top end housing innovations Strong educator union presence (union head has admin. Leadership degree) Parents protest about lack of communication relating to academics and behavior Neighborhood school counsel has power to hire and fire principal (4 year. contract) Primary has specialist to hire personnel

Board makeup is: two teachers, 6 parents and 2 community members Plank was motivating more fraction parent engagement in the general decision making of faculty policy Two main panel members will be minority and ran on the platform to create a more Afro-centric curriculum There was clearly tension because even though the many the student inhabitants is LUKE WEIL, only one tutor attempted to focus on AA history Teachers usually do not support or perhaps trust parents and visa-versa

Teachers usually do not like the clients of the institution

Diversity problems, racial problems, community contact issues, questions of safety and moral issues Neighborhood demographics are changing; educators are mainly white, impoverished community in inner city Chicago, not enough trust, ethnicity issues. Trouble statement(s)

The college principal is usually faced with multiple, sensitive issues that have the potential to become significant upon many levels. � The neighborhood school council, who also offers an agenda, is definitely demanding alterations from the primary and the personnel in order to make the college more mother or father and community friendly.  The teachers are certainly not vested in school, the community and also the students. � There is a effective teacher union and professors are intimidating to file grievances. � The union gave the principal days to solve the down sides. � Main is up against multiple hypersensitive issues that have the prospect to become significant; teachers aren't vested in the school, community, and students. Exploratory inquiries that the writer is looking into

How do principals negotiate the requirements of parents and teachers? How can you balance improved parent contribution and making decisions when professors don't benefit their type and/or no longer want all of them on campus? How do you give safety and security when the issues of class and competition complicate issues? How does a principal satisfy the needs of multiple stakeholders that have a singular focused schedule and are simply interested in having their own requirements met? How do you provide safety and security when the issues of class and race complicate matters?

2:  Summary of the watch case

Summarize the critical issues

Thomas Payne Elem. acquired several concerns including: college security, racial tensions, handling board, changing neighborhood, professors have overlooked their main purpose, principal has pressure to provide plan of action in a very short while of time. The critical problems facing Jones Payne General are parent and teacher tension, ethnic tension, questions of safety, principal community relationship, insufficient leadership, not enough diversity, not enough control. Concentrate on understanding/stating the challenge

The school principal is confronted with multiple, sensitive issues that have the potential to become significant on a large number of levels. � The local school council, who also has an agenda, is challenging changes...


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