Exam Question of the John Lewis Advert

Query: Media Institutions – How can the advertisement talk brand ideals for Steve Lewis?

The advert effectively communicates company values for the audience, to showcase the manufacturer identity of John Lewis. For example the producers of the offer spent ‘£6 million' to stress the ‘quality' John Lewis. Moreover, spending £6 , 000, 000 on the offer implies how John Lewis are dedicated to showing the audience why they are a fantastic place to not simply shop, but to commit. One example is their substantial budget for a single minute offer when compared to a complete feature span film just like Easy A which put in $8 mil on an hour and 50 percent length film, reinforces just how John Lewis want to share the quality of goods. Furthermore, the rand name value of quality is definitely showed in the advert, as the location in the ad is definitely sophisticated. This is due to an expensive life-style is promoted – a huge house in the area, a cathedral wedding, the suggestion of just one the actors having visited university, most connote how the audience will use John Lewis because goods are of excellence and link in with the high-priced lifestyle portrayed.

Furthermore, loyalty is another brand benefit communicated towards the audience. As an example the typography inside the advert, ‘A lifelong dedication to you', implies how the brand really wants to support the customers through the entire highs and lows of life, and will also support from ‘childhood' to ‘grandparenthood'. Also, ‘you' is the method of address used, fond of the audience to stress how John Lewis is customer friendly and patient because that they only every single ‘you' – each and every buyer in mind. The manufacturer value of loyalty jewelry in with unanimity. This is because inside the advert there is always a family directed environment, where the family sit and socialize together – e. g. a mother cooking with her little girl. This further starts that that John Lewis want to bond persons and take them together, suggesting...


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