Tutorial 7

The exam

The exam will be two hours lengthy.

There will be two sections in the exam.

Section 1: Company Social Responsibility

The initial section will incorporate one pre-seen question about Corporate Cultural Responsibility. Problem will require one to focus after one specific company. You aren't allowed to choose your company for the exam. The tutor will tell you the company that you have got been allotted. There will be not any other inquiries set in Section 1 .

The first section will are the cause of 67% in the total assessment marks. Be aware: the pre-seen question has 6 particular components to it (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) and (f). Students must get ready to answer every component of the question in the examination. There are zero specific weightings attributed to any kind of part of the issue The question paraphrases, or perhaps reduces, to " spend eighty minutes publishing.

Section a couple of: The Audited Annual Record and Accounts & Corporate Governance The second section of test will include a number of short kind questions. You will see two sets of brief form answer questions but you simply have to answer one set of questions in Section installment payments on your One set of queries will be based upon Lecture 5 and Workshop 5 entitled: • The audited Annual Report and Accounts

The other set of questions depends upon Address 6 and Seminar six entitled: • The Part of The Annual Information and Accounts within Business Governance The other section is going to account for 33% of the total examination marks.

Students need to do the company that they can be allocated.

Pre-seen Exam issue: For the business that you have recently been asked to analyse: (a) Critically determine what you believe Corporate Cultural Responsibility with the context of your company. (b) Using Carroll's pyramid within a normative method: critically evaluate how of course, if the company has fulfilled it is " responsibility" to it is shareholders, stakeholders and contemporary society in general. (c) Identify and critically check out the key honest tensions and synergies that your...


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