Let talk about the T-mobile, the wireless cell phone industry keeps growing at an instant pace. In accordance to Solomon – Wolff associates, the strongest user group is a 31-45 age group and the growth trend is usually expected to optimum over the next ten years. T mobile is one of the fastest- growing countrywide providers of wireless info, messaging and voice providers. Its annual revenue in 2004 was $11. 7 billion, a 40 percent increase from $8. 5 billion in 2003. In the new trend, T-mobile will give you caller tunes, pictures & video messaging, road assistance, 300 text messages, unlimited t-zones and 1000 text messages. Your competition will climb when the will need are surge. Also, the buyer will require the high quality service. Five of the countrywide service providers in the marketer happen to be T-mobile, Cingular wireless, Verizon wireless, Short PCS and Alltel. Competition and special offers among cell phone companies, the overall churn ratc of the market has been about 1 . 6th percent, yet it's on rise. Inside the new product, T-mobile will provide mystery caller tunes, images & online video messaging, street assistance, 300 text messages, unlimited t-zones and 1000 sms. The competition will certainly rise if the need are rise. As well, the consumer will require the high quality services. From five of the items is comparative advantage, suitability, complexity, trial ability and observe capability. In the relative advantage, level to which a fresh product is even more advantageous to the purchasers than the competitive brands. Level of adoption of a new offering is determined by its relative advantage because perceived by simply its potential customers. In this case, pictures and online video messaging if the relative advantage, because they may have the steady facilities to provide the services. In abiliyy, I think the caller tracks is better than one other four, due to caller tunes is easy for just about any user and any mobile phone. Also, can let the consumer to choice which one they just like. In complexity, I think the newest product and new...


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