The goal of Friedman and Moberg is to persuade their particular audience that their stage is more reasonable then another individual. Friedman the author of " The Great Indian Dream”  and Moberg the writer of " High-Tech Hijack” have both similar although very different methods of grabbing their very own readers with credibility, very good reasoning and feelings. Friedman and Moberg grab their particular audience to persuade the reader about offshoring by using cast which is honest appeal, logos is reasonable appeal, and pathos which can be emotional charm.

I feel that in both the " High-Tech Hijack” and in " The Great American indian Dream” the authors start by using pathos to grab the interest of their audience. They both ease the emotions with their reads to try favorability with their side of the argument. Even though they both tell tales in the beginning they use them in two other ways. Friedman uses his testimonies as a sneaky way of calling us children how we have no idea what countries our technology or the each day objects all of us use are made. On the other hand Moberg uses his story to make us experience petty because Gentry a 52 year old mad acquired fired after working for a firm for 15 years, irritated because Moberg implies, " his last project was training his replacements..., ”(Moberg) and have fear because Gentry points out, " American corporations, are so carried away and cutthroat-oriented they don't care about myself, you or anybody more except all their bottom line, ”(Gentry)� to me Moberg added that to say reveal American companies can fire you every time they want� just to hire somebody in another country to do the same work but more affordable. Moberg utilized pathos not only as in guide but this individual also applied pathos through the entire article to hold hold of the audiences' feeling.

Friedman and Moberg address logos in two various ways to bring the logical charm to their target audience. Friedman similarly uses trademarks through a estimate from an Indian executive which has a strengthen of a wake-up call to tell Americans to reach work and work twice as hard...


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