" Lady on Fire”

" Young lady on Fire” was drafted and performed by American artist Alicia keys and was released while using album " Girl upon fire” in 2012. Even though there are numerous interpretations about the track, I see it in a way that she is trying to describe a female's power and exactly how she deals with the world all on her own. According to keys what influenced her to write this song was that one reporter described important factors as a young lady on fire. " She's only a girl, and she's burning down

Hotter than the usual fantasy, for a longer time like a freeway

She's surviving in a world, and it's really on fire

Sense the failure, but your woman knows the girl can fly away

Oh, she received both foot on the ground

and she's using it up down

Oh yea, she acquired her head in the atmosphere

and she is not backing up down”

I think these lines say that she knows that this lady has a long way to go in a very inappropriate and dramatic world, nevertheless she sees that she can embark upon with it, And by the word " She is got the two feet around the ground” I believe she's tring to express that she's not really living in a dream world or perhaps having the dreams that she can never obtain, but moving into a very genuine way since what she actually is. And its specific that the lady had made herself sufficiently strong to fight for herself and what she believes in and not give up no matter what which is I believe shouts out from the phrase " And the girl not support down”. " Everybody stands, as your woman goes by

Cause they can begin to see the flame gowns in her eyes

Enjoy her when she's illuminating the night

no person knows that she is a lonely girl

and it is a depressed world”

Secrets is trying to express that as everyone whom doesn't have very much trouble works hard, her with so much trouble works harder to get on the best, and your woman does. And that she experienced got that determination in her eyes, to live an effective life even if she doesn't always have anybody to back her up in order to lend a helping palm. " You can try but beneath the thick forget her name

she is on top of the world”

From this phrase I think she's aiming to explain how she has damaged the world and kept...


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