Betty a new new collar. The collar was blue and it made of plastic. Her term was crafted on one side and her master's contact number and addresses on the other side. Betty was happy and happy wearing her new collar. People would know that the girl had an owner. Someone who adored and might take care of her. " I have to look for a few friends to try out with. ” Betty walking around from one to another house in her area. But your woman could not get any pet cats. She strolled to the area and meet up with a butterfly in the area. " Do you want to play with me personally? ” Betty asked the butterfly. " Sure, when you can fly, ” said the butterfly and she flew away. Betty saw a bee collecting darling. " Do you need to play with me? ” Betty asked the buzzing bee. " Sure if you can assist collect honey, ” the bee stated while stroking out the honey. Betty did find a squirrel who also looked occupied with a almond. He looked so pretty and fuzzy. " Do you wish to play with me? ” Betty asked the squirrel. " Sure, if you possibly can give me a peanut, ' said the squirrel. " Chirp... chirp... ”

" Where does the appear come from? ” Betty said. " Also, there you are! ” Betty cried out as she researched to the woods. " Do you need to play with me personally? ” Betty asked the blue parrot. But the parrot did not solution. " Do you wish to play with me personally? ” Betty shouted. Again, the parrot did not response. " Probably if i climbe up the tree, i can get the fowl, ” believed Betty. Nevertheless the tree had been so great. She was scared, but she desired to play with the bird. Betty climbed the tree properly. She jumped from one one more to branch. " Split...! ” A tiny branch was broken! Betty jumped quickly to the next part. " Used to do it! ” Betty yelled happily. Betty looked at the bird and said, " Hi, do you need to play with me? ” The bird travelled to another branch, " Hey, don't proceed! ” Betty said. Betty followed the bird. She crawled and jumped to that branch. But the bird flew to the the top of tree. " Hey, watch for me! ” Betty yelled and used the bird. She lay on the top of the tree. " Why don't you want to play with...


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