п»їTarget Market Description

Imee's Lechon Manok targets consumers in regards to San Ildefonso, Bulacan. Goal consumers could possibly be student, specialists and other residents in the region. The target market will be explained further in the target market segmentation.


The target market will be segmented geographically, demographically, psycho graphically and behaviorally. This segmentation will help Imee's Lechon Manok clearly determine its concentrate on segment plus the opportunities it can grab from the unserved require of the industry found in the market segmentation.

Geographic Segmentation

Consumers residing in San Ildefonso, Bulacan will be the main target market of Imee's Lechon Manok. Imee's Lechon Manok finding a place found in front of the bus and jeep quit along Juana and Serie Main Road, that's why travelers who live in this area are potential consumers.

Demographic Segmentation

Man and female lowest wage earners, professionals, students and college students from uppr to lower school B families are the immediate market of Imee's Lechon Manok. Ages of this marketplace are 13-40 years old.

Psychographic Segmentation

This market part has stressful schedules nearly all day and with their acquire works and study lots, fast and readily attainable and offered food can help them brighten responsibilities in the home. Also, target audience of Imee's Lechon Manok are those who have taste pertaining to grilled chicken breast.

Behavioral Segmentation

Citizens who seek out convenient food which can be bought in an accessible and available area are one of the actions of the target market of Imee's Lechon Manok. Since Imee's Lechon Manok will be found on the front with the bus and jeep end, which is only in the reverse side with the entrance of San Ildefonso Parish Chapel, it is attainable and easy. Therefore , decision to buy will be easy for the target market.

Competition Analysis

Generally, Imee's Lechon Manok will certainly compete...


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