My Close Friend

Who is that? Is that your best friend? I am sure everyone had been asked by these questions in your daily course. So do We. So , what close friend? Good friend is somebody who always cheers you up in no matter what happened either in happiness or sadness. Hang-out, gossiping, playing, studying, shopping, laughing, sobbing, and so on, all you do is together with all of them, your best close friends. In my life, I really do have a close friend. The girl with my sunshine. She also can be my rainbow after large rain got passed. I actually laughed with her. We cried with her. Your woman never made me, so do We. We are an ideal friend. Forever, I will cherish our friendship.

I still remember the way i met her in our first meeting. On the first day of my own high school, I actually went to institution early. Once i stepped within my class, I could see someone was sleeping on my school. I got slightly shocked when viewing her. Definitely because I think she may be a ghosting or somebody who are destitute. But for some reason, I informed myself to be brave, so I came near to her then I know, she also students, same as me personally. I woke her up and she is awake. She looked at myself innocently with her puffy eyes. Suddenly she cried hard facing me. I was so restless with that unforeseen scene. Do I injure her once i woke her up? While i asked her, she explained everything. Absolutely nothing less however it was about her heartbreaking. I recently listen to her and convenience her. Even though it was a very little awkward as that was the first time My spouse and i met her, still, I find myself comfortable with her. The feeling want to be her friend were highly linger in myself. Next, we always maintain in touch and end up as a best friend. Posting all account together. When I was in trouble, she is ready for me and i also had by no means leave by her side when the girl needs me. Where luxury ?, there is always myself by her side. That is why everyone called us a twin. She is a thin young lady with a nice smile. She actually is so great most of period but when some thing had stressed her, We easily known it. Most of her feeling...


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