A review of Malaysia's Foreign Insurance plan As an extension of home policy, overseas policy was created with the goal in mind of defending and promoting the country's nationwide security, economic and other vital interests. Inspite of the diversity of views regarding the perception and explanation of foreign coverage, no international policy could be formulated within a vacuum. It should serve to function in a powerful environment. Malaysia's foreign policy is no exception. Various geographical, historical, cultural and politics determinants bring about shaping the nature of Malaysia's foreign policy and the conduct in the country's foreign relations. In addition to this is the exterior environment, or what might be termed as the systemic determinant, which turns into increasingly significant with the advent of globalisation and in the wake up of the epoch of communication and technology (ICT). However the basic aim remains a similar, i. electronic. the quest for Malaysia's nationwide interest with the international level. A critical study of Malaysia's foreign policy as 1957 might show it is steady progression characterised by notable within emphasis, which took place with all the change in Malaysia's political stewardship. A markedly anti-Communist and pro-western good posture with close links towards the Commonwealth below Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first Prime Minister, offered way to a single based on non-alignment, neutralization and peaceful co-existence. Under Tun Abdul Razak, as a member of the Organisation of Islamic Convention (OIC), Malaysia began to discover itself being a " Muslim nation. " The hunt for new close friends substantially increased the importance of NAM to Malaysia. Assets from other than British sources began to be likewise welcomed. A period of consolidation ensued under Tun Hussein Onn with ASEAN becoming the foundation of Malaysia's foreign plan following the failure of Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) in 1975, the withdrawal of the US armed forces presence by Southeast Asia and the invasion of Kampuchea (now Cambodia) by Vietnam. But a far more dramatic move occurred the moment Tun Dr . Mahathir bin Mohammad had become the the fourth Primary Minister in 1981. Malaysia's foreign plan stance started to take a much larger economic alignment than ever before, coupled with a strong and nationalistic one particular

defence from the rights, interests and aspirations of producing countries and the advocacy of south-south co-operation. Tun Doctor Mahathir's premiership saw the pursuit of numerous new initiatives: • Antarctica as the normal heritage of mankind • the look east policy (LEP) • change investment • East Asia Economic Caucus (EAEC) • Group of 15 (G1S) - ASEAN Mekong Basin Development Cooperation • Islamic Unity; and • The championing of the reason behind developing countries on key issues just like environment, human rights, and democracy. The evolution from the country's overseas policy underneath successive prime ministers reflected a pragmatic response to the geopolitical and economical changes with their times. To be continually highly relevant to the country's needs, international policy cannot remain static. But whilst change has become a general characteristic of Malaysian foreign plan, continuity has also been evident. The two change and continuity indicate a higher level of confidence and maturing in the country in the conduct of its intercontinental affairs. Indeed, in many ways Malaysia's leadership role has been recognised on a number of issues of deep curiosity to the producing world. Malaysia's initiatives in various regional and worldwide fora have got put the country on the world map. Increased economic success and politics stability has in fact enabled Malaysia to carve its own niche inside the international scene. Making the presence felt has allowed all of us to workout some impact in establishing the intercontinental agenda. Becoming less influenced by foreign aid and assistance, Malaysia has been able to speak up on problems that other producing countries experience constrained to voice intended for fear of retribution by...



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