The creation from an invisible micro-organism up to the unlimited Space/ Galaxy, covering every animate/ inanimate objects in-between can all be termed as the result of Anatomist Science. This kind of whole creation is the symptoms of an Hallowed, Secret Human brain, Perfect Artist, who has done all math, geometry, biochemistry, physics astronomy, mechanics, stability, proportion and what not really of the Globe and of the area beyond the Secret Space that manifests on its own in every thing above, upon and under the Sun, the Secret Being that shows its area of issue science in everything & everything that is or is definitely not the care of experts or an engineer. Few things are emotional, unintentional, playful, by chance, incidentally, by the mood. Each minute detail is the proof of a learn planning, engineering, fitting & balance. Technology works on laws & concepts which continue to be unchanged during time & space. Had the laws of Characteristics been changing, there may have been simply no science, not any material improvement of human being. This offers to the issue, who made these regulations & so why? Besides what & just how one has to dwell on, who have? & so why? Whereby one particular gets introduced to Nature, which is a definite, organized, designed, prescheduled, predestined purposeful handi-work from the greatest Mechanic, Engineer, You, Planner, Specialist & scientist. In this equipment, every atom, every electron, proton, ungeladenes nukleon counts & every cog calculates. Nothing in the least is usually immature, uncalculated, irresponsible, half baked, inferior or unwise. He is the Allah, the Originator, the Shaper out of naught, the fashioner. (Quran) It is This individual Who came up with the heavens & the earth in true ratios. (Quran 39: 5-6) Of the heavens & earth if he decreeth an issue He saith it to " be” and it is. (Baqra 117) When I happened to attend " National Anatomical Society Conference” of Doctors at Jammu. The then simply Governor Mister. B. E. Nehru gave at home for Rajbhavan for all the participator doctors. Whilst getting introduced 1 by 1, he said, ‘How come an industrial engineer among doctors? ' set came my reply, ‘Sir, God is a best engineer & it is person who polluted this earth & for this reason you find a lot of doctors about. ' This kind of generated a hearty fun among all present. The Substantial Creation:

————————————————————————————————————* The author is usually Honorary Admin of ‘The Institution of Engineers (India) J& K State Center, Srinagar. Of all life with this planet, the person is the Supreme Creation with the Lord. He could be a vicegerent – a Khalifa. " I will build a vicegerent upon Earth”

It is He Whom hath produced you " His real estate agents,

inheritors from the Earth. (Anam: 165)

It can be He Who have hath made for you everything

That are on Earth (2: 29)

And This individual taught Adam the names coming from all things.

By the names of things relating to bloggers means the lining nature & qualities of things & things below would range from the feelings. Person was thus able to love & appreciate love & thus program & start as becomes the office of vicegerent. The Angels acknowledged this. Guy has many features which are valuable or which he may would like to suppress or conceal, to his very own detriment. Again knowledge is existing, we only explore it to claim to be college students, scientists, doctors, engineers etc . Thus it can be clear that man is just the custodian of Earth. However whatever is in or around the planet earth, it is to get the support of gentleman. However the position of man as inheritor of the Earth belongs only to him, who is righteous, the keeper in the law, the self handled one. The unrighteous, the evil doers, are orphans in this world & happen to be trespassers in the treasure homes of the The planet. He who may be unrighteous simply cannot for extended draw nourishment & compound from the The planet. The evil-doers cannot in fact over offer the Earth and have absolutely power about this. " Thor has guaranteed, to those between you who have believe & work righteous deeds, that He will, of the surety grant them the land, gift of money (of power) as He granted it to those before them” (Al-Noor: 55)...


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