Professor Southworth

VMS 213: Sports activities, Media, and Culture


Tortilla Potato chips, Dip, and Beer

Envision 96. 9 million persons watching the same thing, ingesting copious amounts of meals and dark beer, and cheering maliciously for a squad that may or may not become their team of choice. My spouse and i grew up in South Africa in which the Super dish is not really nearly as big as it is in the usa. I was naive to the notion of watching any kind of big video game besides the World Cup. When I moved to america I did not really know what the Extremely bowl was. 198 countries watch the Super pan and it is shown in twenty-five different 'languages' across the world. I can't support but want to myself that this is just a game and I may really care who is the winner, even though my own surrounding advised otherwise. I actually am sitting in a room full of diehard Seahawks fans. All the furniture have been moved to every wall inside the little space so that everyone can see the big flat display screen TV. Beers are damaged, chip carriers are opened, and we happen to be about to observe the most viewed TV program in United States history, the Extremely Bowl. Bronco's fans will be turned aside and the fellas roar by them because they try to enter the small condo. " In case you are not promoting the Seahawks you can stand up and get the hell out” one of my friends yelled because non-supporters walked away. Bud Light is definitely the beer of preference in the room and Doritos will be the chip of choice. As the overall game is about to start out the room ignites and everyone is immediately energized. The ads play throughout the loud chatter in the condo and they are most often unimportant except for a few which have been considered memorable. The Very Bowl is a spectacle and nothing else want it. The Super Bowl is known as a large reflection of American tradition. Through press, commercials, and the atmosphere that game produces, patriotism and masculinity will be unintentionally the main aspects of this spectacle. " In special event of this gorgeous country” the room goes silent and America The Beautiful is performed....


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