SWOT Examination:

The analysis with the scenario suggests that the issues occurred primarily since the servers were not prepared for such a high traffic. This may have been better predicted as the amount of money spend on marketing campaign was very high and also looking at the high demand of products during the joyous season. Better predictions might have helped these people prepare better for the " Big Billion day”. The IT solutions pertaining to such challenges have got their own strengths and weaknesses. Next is the SWOT analysis for the offered solutions. Durability

1) Having more net and application servers will assist the supervision to deal with this kind of high volumes of transactions and provide buyers with better shopping encounter. 2) Consumer Relationship management plays a significant role if the traffic on the site is uncontrollable and will aid in load showing the site. 3) An up to date Content management system will improve its level of resistance against pests and virus-like attacks. Weak point

1) Because of the stiff competition in the marketplace the margins of operations happen to be drastically low. In these kinds of scenarios setup of high priced IT alternatives will make the company unprofitable. 2) Inventory administration is significant challenge because of the unpredictable demand during joyful season. 3) Low internet penetration can be described as major obstacle for the e commerce industry within a developing country like India. This limits the reach of these internet based companies. Prospect

1) The added IT solutions will help in improving provider's scalability. Employing these alternatives, in a long haul, will help the business in broadening its customer base and its reach across the country. 2) Such businesses have to deal with multilayer transactions with different stakeholders just like customers, stores and financial institutions. Improved THIS infrastructure can help in enhancing the speed from the transactions and will improve the earnings figures substantially. 3) Increasing smart phone number of users in the country is known as a...


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