The Analyst's Problem

Amy's dilemma can be determined as the difficult decision to devote loyalty with her employer or her best friend. And I think your woman should continue to keep her promise to Lori. The article highlights that the loyalty to employer in purchase banking sector is so vital that it normally takes precedence more than personal overall health, family and friends. And Amy and Lori's a friendly relationship is of great importance as well, given the long time they will spent together as well as the support they agreed to each other just before. This extra information displays what a hard position Amy runs into.

In my opinion, regardless how challenging or fatal the dilemma is, laws always come first in decision making process. Prevention the risk of prison, by all means, should take precedence above any kind of dedication or camaraderie. We know so many cases that ignorance to law prospects disastrous consequences. In the hearings about Leader Clinton's sex scandal, Miss Lewinsky seemed to have a dilemma about whether to be truthful or certainly not. This was truly not a dilemma because perjury at court is lawbreaker. But the lady made an incorrect choice and broke what the law states. Amy will need to seek third party's legal advice for her dilemma first. In the event no reputable issue is found here, I really believe there's no so-called ‘right answer' here and the final decision can be purely depending on personal idea and beliefs, and sometimes, sort of wisdom. Several situation turns out to be false problem that a third choice, which can be better than possibly of the a couple of, settles anything. For example , Dorrie Lewis, the protagonist in ‘Discipline to build Character', in whose solution to definitely participate the important event not simply seized the favorable opportunity in his own business improvement, yet also avoided as a ‘black token'.

Nevertheless , it seems not easy for Amy to find a ‘think-out-of-box' solution. After that she has to rely on her own ethic code and values. A selection must be built between the loyalties to her employer, which the lady spent most of awaked...


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