The short story, " The Most Hazardous Game” contains many literary elements. One of the most prominent of the elements is certainly irony. The author effectively uses irony inside the title and conversations between characters to help make the story a lot more interesting to see and exhibit the brains of the characters.

The first irony inside the story may be the title. " The Most Hazardous Game” becomes a horrifying truth rather than a game for Rainsford when he becomes the hunted. Rainsford is the hunter his whole career until he landed about Shiptrap Island. By the time this individual realizes what he had obtained himself in to, he finds himself fleeing for his life. Your readers may think this short story is about only game, but it becomes in addition to that in actuality.

The second paradox is found in the conversation between Whitney and Rainsford. In the beginning of the account, these two heroes are discussing hunting and exactly how animals experience when they are getting hunted. Rainsford said " Who cares what sort of jaguar seems? ” and Whitney responded, " Perhaps the jaguar really does. ” Reacting, Rainsford said " Peuh! They've simply no understanding. ” Ironically, he later detects himself because the food and running for his life.

The third paradox in the tale is found in one more conversation between Rainsford and General Zaroff. After Rainsford had arrived at Zaroff's castle, they mentioned hunting and just how Zaroff had become bored of hunting pets or animals. When Zaroff told Rainsford that this individual hunts men, Rainsford named him a murderer, which usually made Zaroff quite not comfortable. Ironically, Zaroff then tries to counter the accusation by saying that this individual " treat(s) these visitors with every consideration, ” and that he gives his " specimen” a supply of food and a very good hunting cutlery. It is sarcastic that Zaroff thinks he can doing good to get the people he traps in his island.

The author used irony very effectively throughout the account by using it inside the conversations among characters. It was also ironic since the " game” that...


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