Soft drink Commercial

Soft drink is one of the well-known soft drink brands in the world. As we can see, the primary color theme in the commercial is definitely red which is also known as the primary brand colour of Pepsi and moreover, costly eye appealing color too. This industrial is very effective since they have picked a popular and famous person – Michael Knutson so many audiences will be impressed by this, specifically his fans. There is a son who dressed up in Michael Jackson's style, comprises with Michael's typical frizzy hair and reveals his talent like a large number of skillful actions in dancing. Then his idol appeared and danced with him. Pepsi's organization was very successful by using its own words but based on a strong and attractive melody. The word " You are whole generation. Only feel inside the Pepsi's way. ” was emphasized often to produced the viewers remember the name of the brand simpler as they watched it. Then simply as we can easily see, their meaning behind this kind of commercial was to present their product and to help make it more and more people purchase it, particularly the children because commercial is definitely somehow very attractive to the kids. Maybe, they will think that Soft drink is the good option to make them more amazing and talented like the kids in the commercial. Including the end, the slogan " Pepsi – the choice of a generation” appeared to make people think about a new world with a new talent generation or in other word, it could be known as " Pepsi can transform the world. ”

Permanently 21 Business

Forever 21 is a preferred fashion model of American. This commercial was set on a beach and a situation of the boy planning to make up having a strange amazing girl. This individual tried to impress her by some skilled movements grooving on the marine such as Break Dance and Hip Hop. But unfortunately, she did not treatment anything about his performance and she walked away while he felt very disappointed. At the end, abruptly, he required a clothing from Forever 21 as well as...


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