1 ) The UPS Smart Designs are the bar code that the customers can produce for themselves. The UPS gives us three different ways to produce UPS Wise Labels. Employees in the UPS scan the line code trapped on the packages at every level. This checking works are gathered the primary database that allows the customer to find out the location and arrival plan.

2 . Motorists start all their day using a list of predetermined customer pick-up location for that day. If the UPS be given a pick-up call up from a buyer, its Data Center can find the driver that can get the consumer more effectively, monetarily and rapidly by the UPS Data Center information knowing driver's site due to driver's DIAD hooking up with info center. Plans gathered in Package Center are delivered by individuals after scanning services bar code on them. When Drivers deliver packages, individuals simply check the package deal bar code, collect the receiver's unsecured personal electronically, enter the last name of the device and drive a single step to complete the transaction and send your data. The DIAD IV sends delivery information to the UPS data repository as soon as the delivery information is entered.

3. Cellular communication shows the drivers in field flexibility transmission capacity. Drivers need not activate a cell phone or return the automobile for mailing theirs info of delivery only if they use wireless conversation with DIAD. The UPS can check driver's location and provide these more efficiency information pertaining to delivery such as route traffic, weather condition simply by text deep massages. The customers buy information which come from DIAD with wi-fi communication for his or her packages.

some. 1) Computer hardware – DIAD, scanning equipment, UPS info repository program, infrared IrDA, 2) Computer software – ODS(On-Demand Services)

3) Networking and telecommunication technology – CDMA radio, a great acoustical device, 802. 11b wireless local area network connection. The proper part of information...


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