Lodging Operation II


Written Project

Subject: W Lodge Hong Kong

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Yeung Ka Wai (101074847)

Man Wai Yi (101150492)

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1 . Brief summary

2 . Launch

3. Visitor Area and Public Region

3. you Lobby

three or more. 2 Convention room and Ballroom

a few. 3 Children's pool

3. some GYM and SPA

a few. 5 Additional Public Area

4. Referrals


The W Lodge in Hong Kong is a five-star luxury hotel and it opened in 19th January 2009. It can be located by Kowloon MTR station and then to the shopping center of ‘The Element'. The W Resort has 393 guest bedrooms and the Usa president suite of hotel is located at 38/F of the motel. The T hotel is not just providing accommodation service. In addition, it named being a brand of fashion design and style. The progressive designs balance with the exceptional facilities to create a comfortable environment to every visitor. The design idea of The T hotel consider the five phases of Chinese beliefs which is steel, wood, drinking water, fire and earth. The structure concept produces an atmosphere of green environment in the centre of town. And satisfy the trend of environmental safety. It fulfills with the design and style concept of ‘The Element'. The W lodge gives a memorable impression since it is definitely unlike the different hotels in Hong Kong. Employees of the hotel is included within a part of the lodge design. The hotel hired staff in good discomfort of fashion. The W motel set a new standard from the staff grooming and deportment. Compare with the formal homogeneous and concordant attitude, employees of the Watts hotel offers a refreshing and passional picture to tourists. The impression of staff is substituted from formal to exclusive. Introduction

Regarding the Watts Hotel in Hong Kong, it is an example of contemporary and ground breaking providing superb service to guests throughout the trendy fashion, strikingly design and cutting-edge gear. The design princilpe of Watts Hotel is definitely warm, witty, welcome, amazing and seriously, it is contrary to to other hotels and bringing us a distinctive impression. W Resort creating a mordern style in all of the hotel place, such as making the foyer into a T living room. The public aspects of hotel all of us visited offered us a refreshing impression. Regarding the region we discovered in the T hotel, all of us visited the lobby, ground of conference room and ballroom, pool, The Day spa and Fitness center room, etc . As we know the W lodge is employing an innovative design which is extremely different from the other resorts. Also, W hotel attained lots of awards regarding the style and services. Therefore , we would like to find out the design concept of the hotel, quality of components, equipment and performance of features.

The Reception of the lodge is the place which providing the first impression to the visitors. It should can provide a comfortable sleeping place intended for the guests. The conference place and the ballroom are designed luxurious and visual. The children's pool is located in the very best floor from the hotel while using city watch of Kowloon. The Day spa and Fitness center room provide superb assistance and cutting-edge equipment to get the guests. In this project, we might discover the design and style concept, shade design, adornment design, etc .

Public Place – Lobby

Layout Design of the Main receiving area 1/F

The lobby of the W motel is segregated into two floors. The first floors of the main receiving area provides a spacious area since public location to the customer for resting purpose. There is also a reception workplace near by the front door for asking information. The evaluator is up coming to the reception desk so that the staff or receptionist can acknowledge the visitors getting into or women the motel. There are very few decorations or displays around the first ground. It concentrates on space in order that the circulation of visitors is usually smooth and enough space to get the luggage storage.

For the resting region, it is near to the reception table and provides two sofas to get the guests. The guests can take an escape or talk to the others. Subsequent to the sofa, there is a emblem...


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